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Supermarine Stranraer

The stranraer flying boat was flown from RCAF station Dartmouth by No.5 Bomber Reconnaissance squadron (code letters QN) from November 1938 to September 1941. During the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada from May to June 1939, No. 5 Squadron Stranraers from RCAF Station Dartmouth escorted the ocean liner Empress of Britain on its departure from Halifax harbour with the King and Queen on board. The first operational WW II mission was flown from Dartmouth on 10 September 1939 when Stranraer 908 was tasked to conduct an enemy shipping search off the Halifax approaches. In the following months No. 5 Squadron Stranraers would typically take-off from Dartmouth at 0530 hours, provide anti-submarine protection to an outbound convoy from Halifax, then land on the water at Sable Island at noon to refuel. By late afternoon the Stranraer would take-off from Sable Island, rejoin the convoy or conduct independent anti-submarine operations, finally landing back at RCAF Station Dartmouth around midnight.

Type: Biplane flying boat maritime reconnaissance and patrol bomber

Power Plant: Two 686 kW (920 hp) Bristol Pegasus X radial piston engines

Length : 16.70 m (54 ft 10 in)

Height : 6.63 m (21 ft 9 in)

Max. Speed: 266 kph (165 mph)

Service Ceiling: 5639 m (18,500 ft)

Endurance: 9 hours 36 min.

Max. Weight: 8618 kg (19,000 lb)

Armament: Three 7.7 mm (0.303 in) Lewis machine guns, one each in nose, dorsal and tail positions plus 2948 kg (6500 lb) of bombs or depth charges

Empty Weight: 5103 kg (11,250 lb)

Wing Span: 25.91 m (85 ft)