Aircraft History

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey

Bell Twin HueyThe Bell CH-135 Twin Huey helicopter was first taken on strength of the Canadian Forces in 1971 and shortly thereafter, in February 1972, it arrived at VU 32 Squadron at Shearwater. The Twin Huey was used for a remarkable number of tasks that ranged from air evacuation, VIP transport, forest fire fighting, search and rescue to utility transport or tasks for which other aircraft were not suited. In the Canadian Forces the Twin Huey was principally used by 10 Tactical Air Group (10 TAG), which supported the army. Since 10 TAG units were responsible for Twin Huey major maintenance VU 32's helicopters were rotated into the squadron from 10 TAG units. Consequently, VU 32's Twin Hueys were painted in 10 TAG olive green camouflage that was designed for the army support role. VU 32 continued to fly the Twin Huey until just before the squadron disbanded in September 1992 and Twin Huey operations were permanently withdrawn from Shearwater.

Type: Military utility Helicopter

Rotor Diameter: 14.69m (48 ft 2.25 in) 

Length: 17.46m (57 ft 3 in)

Height : 4.53m (14 ft 10 in)

Max. Speed: 230 kph (143mph)

Service Ceiling : 4330 m (14,200 ft)

Range: Range 420 km (261 miles)

Max. Weight: 5080 kg (11,200 lb)

Empty Weight: 2786 kg (6,143 lb)

Power Plant: One Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3 Turbo Twin Pac coupled turboshaft, 962 kW (1,290 shp) for take off, 843 kW (1,130 shp) continuous operation