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Admiral Falls and officers -
 Shearwater, 1978

John Cottle / Dave Meldrum

Sea King Reunion

CHSS-2Avionics.jpg (529815 bytes)
RCN CHSS-2 Avionics Training
Stratford, Conn. - 1963

Christmas 1998

2000.11.1.52.jpg (484238 bytes)
Aviation technician TG.IV course - SNAM

Toronto Detachment - 1998

H.M.C.S. Algonquin Sea King technicians

Shearwater Pipe Band

HS-50 Aircrew - 1959

RCN & Sikorsky People - 1961

H.M.C.S. Margaree Sea King Detachment

Squadron VT-406 Maintenance - 1981

KenEnglish.jpg (73552 bytes)
Ken English aboard
USS Valley Forge on
VS-26 Squadron - 1955

1995.93.5518.jpg (71348 bytes)
USN Banshee Training of RCN 
Personnel (VF-41) -  NAS Oceana Va

2000.44.152.jpg (40036 bytes)
VC 920 Squadron - Reserve Wren Mechanics on TBM Avenger.
Shearwater 1958

1995.102.5632.jpg (49118 bytes)
Sub Lieutenant (P) Stu Soward. Sub Lieutenant (P) Doug Peacocke, Sub Lieutenant (P) Brian Cartwright.

2001.1.449.jpg (49419 bytes)
Firefly squadron maintenance personnel - H.M.C.S. Shearwater (Warrior Days)

1996.20.A511.jpg (46151 bytes)  
Jim Hadden repairing CS2F Tracker at CFB Shearwater

AllardInspection.jpg (260311 bytes)
Gen. Allard inspecting
Shearwater guard - Gerry Brooker, Bob Noble

1997.128.A1.jpg (72456 bytes)
VS-881 Squadron H.M.C.S. Magnificent Men's mess

2000.13.1.61.jpg (49631 bytes)
No.2 Observer's Mates Course, 1951

RCN Aircraft Handlers Course

jim-friends.jpg (67850 bytes)
Stu Beakley, Lou Morin, Johnny Bell, Abe Crane, Dusty Millar, Roman Sokolowski, Bob Cornish, George Rowland, Stan Smeaton, George Bernie, Buck McCallum, Clint Thorne, George Bussey, George Penney, Jack Marsden, Bill Whitaker, Harry Hunt

Submitted By: Fred 'Dusty' Millar

1996.112.A1420.jpg (49307 bytes)
RCN Banshee pilots displaying sidewinder missile

helairdethmcsfraser1980.jpg (133263 bytes)
Helairdet, H.M.C.S. Fraser, 1980