Aviation Museums

Canadian Aviation Museums
Canada Aviation Museum
Research Projects @ CAM
The Naval Museum of Alberta
Calgary Aerospace Museum
The Nanton Lancaster Society and Air Museum
Alberta Aviation Museum
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Comox Air Force Museum
Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
Western Canada Aviation Museum
Toronto Aerospace Museum
Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association
Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre
Canadian Historical Aircraft Association
Halifax Restoration Team
Air Force Heritage Park
Canadian Museum Of Flight
Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum
Greenwood Military Aviation Museum
Quebec Aerospace Museum
West Parry Sound District Museum

Bagotville Air Defence Museum

Other Aviation Museums
Aviation Museum Locator
Air Force Museum at Monino, Russia
Aviation History On-Line Museum
Naval and Maritime Museums: Great Britain
Aircraft Museums and Collections of the World
National Museum Of Naval Aviation (USA)
Saffire: Imperial War Museum, Duxford
The Air Museum Planes of Fame
United States Air Force Museum
Ailes Anciennes Toulouse / Toulouse Olds Wings
Musée De L'Air Et De L'Éspace - Paris Le Bourget
Naval Aviation Museum Of Australia
International Airliners Museum
Fleet Air Arm Museum
Royal Navy Historic Flight
Royal Air Force Museum

Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
South African Air Force Museum

Military Connections

Canadian Military Connections
Department of National Defence
Canadian Air Force
Canadian Air Force Image Gallery
Canadian Navy
Maritime Forces Atlantic
Maritime Command Museum
Maritime Forces Pacific
Royal Military College of Canada
Defence Research Establishment Atlantic
12 Wing Shearwater
14 Wing Greenwood
19 Wing Comox
Air Force Association of Canada
Air Force Association of Canada - 111 Micmac Wing
Commissionaires Nova Scotia
H.M.C.S. Sackville: Canada's Naval Memorial

Canadian Military-Related Sites
AES Op Forum
Canadian Aircraft Carriers: The carriers, their aircraft, their untold story.
RotorHead's Roost
Canadian Military Aviation Sites
HMCSNavyShips.COM - The Artwork Of Pat Burstall (Pat's prints are available through our Gift Shop!)
Mac's Navy Links

Canadian Military-Related Organizations
Air Force Association Of Canada
Royal Canadian Naval Association
Royal Canadian Naval Association - Comox Valley Branch
Naval Officer's Association Of Canada
Atlantic Chief & Petty Officer's Association
HMCS Venture Historical Web Page
Fleet Air Arm Officer's Association
Shearwater Aviation Museum Foundation
Canadian Naval Memorial Trust

Other Military Connections
United Nations Headquarters
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Jane's Information Group Home Page
Fleet Air Arm Archive

Naval Aviation Specific Links

Naval Aviation Museums
National Museum Of Naval Aviation - Pensacola, FL (US)
San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum - USS Midway - San Diego, CA (US)
U.S.S. Forrestal Naval Museum - USS Forrestal - Bensalem, PA (US)
Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum - USS Yorktown - Mount Pleasant, SC (US)
USS Lexington Museum - USS Lexington - Corpus Christi, TX (US)
Shearwater Aviation Museum - Shearwater, NS (CANADA)
Naval Museum Of Alberta - Calgary, AB (CANADA)
Australian Naval Aviation Museum - Nowra, NSW (AUSTRALIA)
Fleet Air Arm Museum - Yeovilton, Somerset (UNITED KINGDOM)

Personal Interest Pages
BattleZone Military Patches
Canadian Aircraft Carriers: The carriers, their aircraft, their untold story
Vulture's Row
Jim Belec's Navy & Naval Aviation Links
The Naval Aviation Insider
Darryl Shaw's Naval Air Home Page
Naval Aviation Slang (by Tailhook Association)
Tomcat's Hangar
Mac's Navy Links
Under the Cat by John Emrick

Official Military Sites
US Navy - COMNAVAIRPAC (Intelligence)
US Navy - COMNAVAIRLANT (Intelligence)
US Navy - Naval Aviation History Office
US Navy - Hornet Hyperlink: The Future Of Naval Aviation
Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm - History
Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm - Today
Canadian Forces - 12 Wing Shearwater

Association Of Naval Aviation (ANA)
Tailhook Association (TA)
Canadian Naval Air Group (CNAG)
Shearwater Aviation Museum Foundation (SAMF)

Aviation Art
Bob Durnan's Aviation Art Hanger and Cartoons

Local Points of Interest & Tourism

Nova Scotia Tourism
Maritime Command Museum
Cornwallis Military Museum
Halifax Regional Municipality
Destination: Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia
Purdy's Wharf Online: Living in Halifax
The Greater Halifax Visitor Guide 1998
Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum
Greenwood Military Aviation Museum
The Nova Scotia Museum
Nova Scotia International Air Show
Federation of Nova Scotia Heritage
Scotia Flight Centre
MT&T Sympatico Discover Learning - Museums and Such
World Web Travel Guide - Canada
Nova Scotia Highlanders Regimental Museum

Halifax Live

Large Canadian Roadside Attractions

Dartmouth Heritage Museum

Other Aviation Sites

'Fantasy of Flight' Great Aviation Links
Classic Warbirds Of The UK
Aircraft Engine Historical Society
Confederate Air Force Homepage
Friends Of The Fighter Collection
AeroWeb: The Aviation Enthusiast Corner
Aerolink.Com: Aviation's Link Central
Scott Projects
North American Top Gun
The Aviation Home Page
Arrow 2000 Project
Stalag 13 Aviation Links
The Ninety-Nines - International Organization Of Women Pilots
Aviation Education In Nova Scotia
Classic Wings Downunder Magazine
Canadian Aviation Historical Society (CAHS)
"Silver Dart" Chapter - CAHS - Halifax, NS, Canada
The Hawker Hurricane Page
Sky Viking
Vapor Trail Aviation
The World's First Grumman S-2 Tracker
Aviator Select Canada
Ex-FRADU Hunters Homepage
Canadian Aviation Artists Association
Air Scene - UK
Avro Arrow Recovery Canada
Flight Journal
Historic Aircraft Profiles

Homage to the Avro Arrow
Aviation Education in Nova Scotia (NSCC Aviation Institute)
Y2K Spitfire Restoration Project
Wings over the seas: the Brazilian Naval Aviation

Useful Sites

Worldwide Airport Path Finder
World Index

Online Medal Applications Instructions For Retired CF Members & Civilians

Related Discussion Forums/Bulletin Boards

Royal Canadian Naval Association

Web Site of the Month (Archived)

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September 1998 - Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science, Technology And Research (ALLSTAR) -
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December 1998 - Canadian Aviation Historical Society -
January 1999 - Commonwealth Naval Aviation - 1939 to Present -
February 1999 - Homage To The Avro Arrow -
March 1999 - National Aviation Museum -
April 1999 - RCAF.COM -
May 1999 - Helicopter's History Site -
June 1999 - Earth Science Enterprise - FOR KIDS ONLY -
July 1999 - Canadian Owners & Pilots Association -
August 1999 - FLIGHTSIM.COM -
September 1999 - Canadian Aviation Directory -
October 1999 - SAVE OUR SNOWBIRDS -
November 1999 - AVIATIONINDEX.COM -
December 1999 - Peacekeepers' Home Page -
January 2000 - Canadian War Museum -
March 2000 - Directorate Of History & Heritage -
April 2000 - SKY-FLASH.COM - Airshows & Military Aircraft -
May 2000 - OVER THE TOP -
June 2000 - Canadian Information By Subject -
July 2000 - Canadian Air Forces 'Museum' -
August 2000 - Canada's Air Force -
September 2000 - The RCAF/CAF in Styrene -
October 2000 - CBC 4 Kids: The Lab -
November 2000 - The Canadian Virtual War Memorial -
December 2000 - Aviation-History.COM -
January 2001 - FLIGHT JOURNAL -
February 2001 - Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) -
March 2001 - AVROLAND -
April 2001 - Dave Middleton's FS Site -
May 2001 - Canadian War Poster Collection -
October 2001 - Fleet Air Arm Archive : 1939-1945 -
December 2001 - Canadian Air Aces and Heroes : WWI, WWII, and Korea
January 2002 - Flight History
February 2002 - The Unofficial homepage of 439 Squadron -
June 2002 - Canadian Aircraft Carriers -
July 2002 - Under the Cat by John Emrick -
August 2002 - Naval Aviation Stores -
September 2002 - 414 Squadron Website -
January 2003 - Under the Cat by John Emrick -
April 2003 - Veterans Affairs Canada -
May 2003 - Fantasy of Flight "Celebrate 100 Years of Flight" -
January 2004 - 45 Air Marshall Edwards Air Cadet Squadron
February 2004 - CFB Cold Lake, 50 years of training & deployment -
March 2004 - "Comrades & Colleagues" military reunion site" -
April 2004 - "Canada's Bomber Command Virtual Memorial" -
May 2004 - "Air-Navy" -
August 2004 - "Aircraft Resource Center"
September 2004 - The Royal Navy's H.M.S. Ocean -
November 2004 - Canadian Naval Technical History Association (CNTHA) -
December 2004 - The Canadian War Museum's Newspaper Archives database -
April 2005 - Airline History -
March 2005 - -  
February 2005 - The Canadian Military History Gateway -
March 2005 - -
April 2005 - Airline History -
August 2005 - Aviation Museum Guide -
June 2006 - Canadian Naval Review Journal -  ""
January 2007 - Planes and Choppers Image Library -
April 2007 - U.S. Cockpits : United States Military Aircraft -
August 2007 - RCAF 434 Squadron (an unofficial site) -
December 2007 - Canadian Naval Centennial Project -
May 2008 - The SeaFury Prang File -
July 2008 - Air Force History Index -
August 2008 - Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation -

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