Newsletter Of The
Canadian Naval Aviators & Associates


Toronto Ont 
May 2000

We are still in Toronto, and expect to be so until 2002 when Deborah is due to retire. After that, who knows? I plan to continue writing this newsletter until then and later, but may take a break for 2003 IF we should travel extensively immediately after Deb's retirement. 

Some people have expressed concern about the duplication [and even triplication] of written material, given that the Shearwater Aviation Museum's [SAM] Newsletter, and 'Across the Flight Deck' from the Canadian Naval Air Group [CNAG] often carry some of the same information as this letter. My own belief is that the three newsletters tend more to complement than duplicate each other, and that our readerships do not overlap unduly. Your opinions about this would be most appreciated. In the meantime, in this newsletter I'll try to let you know when an article has been printed earlier in another naval air or general naval newsletter or journal, so you won't have to re-read something you've already seen. 

This being the year 2000, many people are undertaking special millennium projects. My year 2000 project is to suggest to each and every reader that he or she do something special for a friend or organization from naval aviation days - telephone, call, send a card, pay a visit to a shut-in or someone sick, make a pledge to some worthy cause, including the ALS foundation and your local aviation museums, but especially to THE SAM Foundation. As an example, two of my classmates from Junior Air Officers Basic Training Course 7 [JAOBTC 7] were ROSS RIDDELL and RALPH SYMINGTON. Neither won their wings in the navy, and neither stayed in the navy long; but Ralph did become an RCAF pilot, and died in a flying accident. Ross was a banker, but had kept in touch with Ralph for years after both left the RCN, then helped his family after his death. Ross has commissioned a tile from SAMF in Ralph's name. That tile is now on SAM's Wall of Honour. 

Any act of kindness, random or not, would qualify as a millennium project. And I'd like to hear of every one of them. 

To assure you that I, too, am participating directly, I dedicated a granite tile on the SAM Wall of Honour to those USN, RN and members of other armed forces who served with us. Their contributions to Canadian naval aviation cannot be over-emphasized. Although space on the tile doesn't allow me to include individual names, I herewith dedicate it to those outside-Canada readers from as far north as Scotland, and as far south as New Zealand, plus three who don't regularly receive the newsletter: PAULINE [HOMKO] McMURCHIE, and BARRY SPOFFORD [both USN] and HUMPH FOSTER, RN. I flew with Humph, and 'roomed' with Barry in Bonnie. Pauline, while in Shearwater, was the only USN officer ever to attend the CF Staff School, where I was her syndicate director; and she was also a friend of Deb's when Deb served in Stadacona. 

For 2000 and 2001, the newsletter's address remains: 

C/O Edward Cruddas
602 - 77 Finch Avenue East
Toronto Ontario M2N 6H8 CANADA
Tel: 416 224 5477* FAX 224-5478*

*N.B. Through an error made as I switched from one local telephone company to another, my address was omitted from the latest Toronto telephone directory. However, the number under my name is NOT unlisted, i.e. is available from directory assistance; and it is listed under Deborah's name, i.e DAVIS, Deborah L. [Bell refused my suggestion to print another 6 million corrected Toronto phone books.]

This newsletter will be available through the SAM home page. IF YOU WOULD PREFER TO READ SUBSEQUENT COPIES OF THE NEWSLETTER BY COMPUTER in 2001 and later, please let me know, and no copy will be mailed to you.