For the most up-to-date and accurate information, especially dates and times, you should check with the persons or organizations noted.



The status of the air show this year was in doubt because of the war in Afghanistan, the closing of the runways at Shearwater, and the increase in insurance rates faced by air show organizers. The London Ontario air show has already been cancelled because of an increase in the cost of insurance. The ten-fold increase in insurance costs also threatens the Canadian International Air Show at the CNE in Toronto; however, organizers in Nova Scotia were able to get permission to open the unused runways temporarily. Although the numbers of military aircraft in the Afghanistan campaign are making it difficult for some air forces to release aircraft for air shows, the NSIAS is confident that all those who have committed to the show will be made available. Despite the assurances that the air show is a ‘go’, you should seek up-to-date information before committing yourself.

The Shearwater show is held over the Labour Day long weekend, 7-9 September, with shows on 7th and 8th. The organizers can be reached by mail at PO Box 218, Shearwater NS B0J 3A0, by telephone at 902.465.2725 or facsimile at 902.484.3222, or through their web site:

With the air show now on, the SAMF Charity Golf tournament will also go on as scheduled, 5 September 2002, with lunch followed by a 1 p.m. tee-off time.


The annual reunion will take place from 11-14 October 2002, with events centred around the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel in downtown Halifax, with Sunday events - church parade, up spirits, and lunch - to be held at Shearwater. Transportation to and from Shearwater will be provided on Sunday. There will also be transportation provided to Casino Nova Scotia. The Pier 21 museum offers special rates for those attending the reunion. Requests for information, or other correspondence can be addressed to:

CNAG Atlantic Reunion Committee

294 Ross Rd, Westphal NS B2Z 1H2 Canada

Tel. 902.434.1726 - e-mail


June is ALS campaign month. There have been some breakthroughs in the last year that could mean a cure for ALS and the other Motor Neuron diseases, Parkinsons and MS, soon, so it is important to support the campaign in its research and care programmes. DAVIDSON PEERS, Venture Class ‘58, died this year only two years after being diagnosed with ALS. Contributions can be sent to your provincial societies, or to:

The ALS Society of Canada,

#1 - 1665 Russell Rd,

Ottawa, ON, K1G 0N1, Canada.

Some of you living in the USA might wish to donate to the Canadian Parkinson’s Disease society because it conducts research that at present is NOT permitted in the USA. The society’s address is:

The Parkinson’s Society
4211 Yonge St
Toronto ON M5P 2B1 Canada

ANNUAL WEST COAST NAVAL AVIATORS’ DINING-IN - no information was received.

It is normally held in December in Esquimalt. George Plawski is the coordinator..


Generous financial assistance was received from Anonymous, Stretch Arnold, Dick Bartlett, Alan Brown, Doug Buchanan, Frank Buckley, Roger ‘Gunner’ Campbell, Don Cash, Bruce Cormack, Don Cooper, Bill Davey, Ted Davis, Dick Dickinson, Harry Dubinsky, Eric Edgar, Davis Edwards, Les Grimson, Mike Langman, Deke Logan, Phyllis Lowe-Lewis, Bud MacLean, Bill Moran, Jack Moss, Paddy O’Connell, Weldy Paton, George Pumple, Don Sheppard, Tony Storrs, and Robbie Watt. If I have forgotten to include your contribution, please accept my apology. The error was not intentional.

NB Please make any cheques or money orders payable to E. Cruddas: I do not keep a separate bank account for the newsletter.

Book Recommendations

Before It’s Too Late, B4its2L8, A Sailor’s Life, 1920-2001' by Peter G. Chance, self-published by First Editions 2001, ISBN 0-9730145-04. Recommended by Stan Brygadyr. ‘A Sailor’s Life’ takes the reader through the author’s childhood, schooldays, and youthful experiences in Ottawa to an initial naval appointment as an RCNVR midshipman in 1938, and on his retirement from the RCN in 1970 in the rank of Commander, followed by involvement in numerous associations until the present. He describes his service in seven ships in WW2, including a battleship, a cruiser, and destroyers, and in theatresof operations including the Battle of the Atlantic, D-Day, anti-U-boat patrols in the English Channel, and enemy actions off the French coast, the South Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and Singapore following the assault by Japanese forces on December 1941. In the post-war years he served in six other ships including an aircraft carrier, cruiser, destroyers, and frigate, including two ships as Commanding Officer... Covering a wide spectrum over 80 years, this book offers the reader a fascinating description of life ashore and afloat, including much anecdotal and often highly amusing material, as well as many photographs.’ [From the foreword by Cmdre J Drent.]

The book costs $32 plus postage. You can contact Peter at 21-2020 White Birch Road, Sidney BC V8L 2R1, 250.655.3634, e-mail - .

The next book is an important book, though it has nothing to do with navies or naval aviation. ‘NO LOGO: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies’, by Naomi Klein, Vintage Canada,[Random House] Toronto, 2000, ISBN 0-676-97282-9, $21,95, has won the author international praise and international prizes. It discusses the changes to society caused by companies that promote ‘brands’ rather than individual products, and the way that their advertising tries to change our thinking. It also shows how some companies take advantage of cheap overseas labour to keep their prices down.

McBooks Press specializes in historical fiction, and has a fine small catalogue. You can reach them at:

McBooks Press
120 West State Street
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA
Phone 888.BOOKS11 [888.266.5711]
Web -

Al McNutt’s ‘Altimeter Rising’ is now in its third print run, with fifty more pages and many new pictures. I believe that it is now available from SAM’s gift shop. Al provided copies for door prizes at CNAG Edmonton and the 2001 Nova Scotia International Air Show.

Dick Bunyard recommends ‘Sands of Dunkirk’ by R. Collier. As mentioned, Dick’s ship was sunk during the evacuation.

Answers to 2002 Questions

Rod Bays. See Canada’s Naval Aviators, first edition, p10.

Richard Rohmer [ibid, p55.]

Lorne Stuart MacDonald [ibid p110.]

Bill Monkhouse.

Joseph Stuart Temple Fall, DSC and two bars, AFC, among others. [ibid p 55.]


Trek Question. In Star Trek TOS [‘The Original Series’ for the trek-nically challenged], year four, the show ‘All Our Yesterdays’ is about alternative histories. While using a screen to display possible histories, the ‘librarian’ shows a picture of the ‘clamshell’, AKA Toronto City Hall, which was considered to be modern architecture when the show first aired.


RETURNED LETTERS. Many were returned last year. If any reader knows others whose letters did not arrive last year, please advise them that I still have a few available. Change of addresses would also be appreciated. I assume that some are getting it elsewhere, e.g. the SAM web site.


Kingsley Arnold, VADM Douglas S. Boyle, J.J. Brooks, Dennis Foley, Douglas W Foster [former BAMEO of CFB Shearwater], Alexander Fox, Kathy Gomez, Scotty Guthrie, Vern Howland, Mrs F Jobborn, Hal Johansen [VP and CF maritime Warfare School], James ‘Johnnie’ Johnson [RAF’s top fighter ace of WW2 with 38 ‘kills’], Inez Laramee [daughter of Guy Laramee], Dr Harry Morton [WW2 RCNVR and naval historian], Davidson Peers, Clarence ‘Red’ Robinson, RADM John Rodoconachi [not confirmed], Neil Smith [according to Canada Post], George ‘Trigger’ Wadds [former XO of Shearwater], and Garry Youngson.

‘Foxy’s’ obituary, reprinted in part below, was crisp and factual, just as Foxy would have liked it to be.

ALEXANDER ‘AL’,’ALEC’ FOX died of cancer on 10 December 2001 at age 76. He was born in Duncan, BC, 14 March 1925, and joined the Royal Roads Naval College in 1942. He served in HMCS UGANDA in 1944-45 in the war against Japan, followed by occupation duty. Post WW2 he became a naval pilot and flew from HMC Ships MAGNIFICENT and BONAVENTURE. He was an Empire Test Pilot, introduced jet aircraft and the Sidewinder guided missile to the RCN, and flew on the Grey Ghosts aerobatics team. He commanded destroyers HMCS ATHABASKAN and COLUMBIA, and was Executive Officer of HMCS BONAVENTURE. He retired in 1980 as Base Commander of CFB Cornwallis, followed by 11 years as a Captain [N] on the Convoy Commodore list in the Naval Supplementary Reserve, while consulting - and later as a manager - at Saint John Shipbuilding Ltd.

See also frequent updates on the Shearwater Aviation Museum’s web site.


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