Newsletter Of The
Canadian Naval Aviators & Associates


Toronto Ontario Canada
May 2002

Deborah and I are still in Toronto, where we plan to stay for at least another year. Although Deb doesn’t retire officially until November 2002, she will be on retirement leave from 1 July. Our intention over the next several months is to establish our criteria for a retirement home; then we will try to find the right place. Perhaps, like Bruce Baker, we will end up where we started; however, we have no relatives in Stittsville.

Deb’s retirement after 32 years service means that between us we have 63 years of full-time military service, stretching from August 1951 to November 2002. Our total time working for the federal government is 70 years full time, and a little more if we can count Deb’s summer jobs when she was a university student.

Although our mailing address remains the same, at least in the short term, we have added an e-mail address. It is - The mailing address and phone numbers are still:

E. Cruddas
602 - 77 Finch Avenue East
Toronto, ON, M2N 6H8, Canada
Tel. 416.224.5477 - Fax 416.224.5478.

The ‘nmi’ in the address after my surname and given name stands for ‘no middle initial.’ Recently when visiting my oldest first cousin in North America, I learned that many of my relatives have no middle initial, i.e. no second given name. She said that the surname was sufficiently uncommon that middle names were unnecessary.

The newsletter this year will be composed on a different computer and printed on a different printer. Let’s hope that the new equipment makes the newsletter easier to read. However, the newsletter was delayed by about two weeks this year as I learned the new operating system [my fifth] and new word-processing system [my seventh.] It is also a little shorter this year, possibly because some readers feel that their stories have already been told. For those of you who still have stories to tell, please share them with the rest of us. And even if you have no stories, please write to let us know about you and your families - and where you are.

With respect to ‘where you are’, post offices last year seem to have lost track of several readers. Letters that were delivered without a problem for years, for example two letters to post office boxes in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, NB, came back marked ‘no such address.’ If you know anyone whose newsletter did not arrive, please ask them to contact me, and I’ll send one along.