Canadian Naval Air Group (CNAG)

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CNAG was founded on January 23, 1970 at Edmonton, Alberta for the purposes of:

  • perpetuating the traditions and ideals of the Royal Canadian Naval Air Arm;
  • continuing the companionship of those who served with, or were associated with, Naval Air; and
  • encouraging the formation of local chapters in order to create a nationwide organization.

The CNAG idea was popular and with typical Naval Air alacrity and ingenuity the organization grew in size and can now boast of Chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Trenton and, of course, the alma mater of Naval Air, Shearwater (Atlantic Chapter).

Among its many pursuits, CNAG actively supports the Shearwater Aviation Museum and CNAG members are continually on the lookout for artifacts and memorabilia associated with Naval Air for display in the museum. One of the more noteworthy achievements in this regard was accomplished by the Tracker Chapter, headquartered in Toronto, who located and took possession of a badly deteriorated Swordfish aircraft from a farmer's field, and over several years managed top restore the aircraft to flying condition before seeing it placed in the museum.

The CNAG Chapters hold regular meetings throughout the year from which minutes are recorded and distributed amongst each of the other Chapters (and National Headquarters). This enables our members to remain in touch with their far-flung comrades and, perhaps, in some small way, helps to keep intact, the ties that bind our members together.

CNAG social functions cover a wide range of activities such as summer barbecues, wine & cheese parties, dances or just old-fashioned gabfests over a cold one. But the most popular event is our annual reunion which is traditionally held each year over the Thanksgiving weekend. The last reunion, hosted by the Swordfish Chapter (Vancouver, BC) in October 97, was an outstanding success that was enjoyed by hundreds of CNAGers from across Canada and beyond. This year's reunion (1998) was hosted by the Sea King Chapter in Trenton, ON. Next year's reunion (1999) will be hosted by the Banshee Chapter in Victoria, BC and will be held at the world-famous Empress Hotel.

Membership in CNAG is not restricted to any particular service or element, but is open to all ranks and to all members, past or present, military or civilian, who are (or were) involved in naval aviation either directly or in a supporting role. There are three categories of members: Regular , Associate , and Honorary . Anyone interested in joining this unique organization and participating in our efforts to preserve the history and traditions of Canadian Naval Aviation is encouraged to complete an application (see below) and forward it to your nearest CNAG Chapter or to CNAG National Headquarters.

CNAG Membership Application Form: The following form is not to be filled out online, but instead is printable and to be sent to the address appropriate to the Chapter being applied to. Click here to see the list of addresses for sending applications. Be sure to send both pages of this printout and to include payment.