Squadron History

33 Squadron
Heavier-than-air Utility Air Squadron [VU 33] (1954-92)

Formed as VU 33 under the US system of numbering in November 1954. It later disbanded in June 1992 when 414 Squadron assumed its duties.

Role: Served as the RCN's west coast fixed wing (primarily) utility squadron performing such duties as Training, Naval Gunnery Target Towing, Transport, Search & Rescue and later continued these functions as part of the CF.

Aircraft Flown: Grumman Avenger , Grumman (DeHavilland Canada) Tracker , Lockheed (Canadair) Silver Star , Piasecki HUP-3

Home Base: Patricia Bay, BC (1954-1974) & Comox, BC (1974-1992)

Ships Served On: N/A

Colours: Gold & Blue

Motto: Finis Coronat Opus (The End Crowns The Deed)