Squadron History

40 Squadron
Heavier-than-air Training Air Squadron [VT 40] (1954-59)

Formed as VT 40 under the US system of numbering in May 1954. It later disbanded in May 1959 when its functions were absorbed into VU 32.

Role: Served as the RCN's training squadron providing specialized training through two flights, namely the Advanced Training Flight (ATF) and All-Weather Flying Flight (AWF).

Aircraft Flown: North American Harvard , Hawker Sea Fury , Grumman Avenger , Beechcraft Expeditor , Lockheed (Canadair) Silver Star

Home Base: Shearwater, NS

Ships Served On: N/A

Colours: Gold & Blue

Motto: Ad Formandum Fatum Vigiliarum (To Shape The Destiny Of The Sentinels)