Squadron History

743 Squadron
BCATP - No.1 Naval Air Gunners School Flying Squadron (1943-45)
Fleet Requirements Unit 743 Squadron [FRU 743] (1946-54)

Originally formed as 743 Squadron (RCAF/RN) in March 1943 as part of No. 1 Naval Air Gunners School in Yarmouth, NS. It was disbanded in March 1945 nearing the close of World War II. It was then reformed in September 1946 at Dartmouth, NS as FRU 743 and later redesignated as VU 32 under the US system of numbering in May 1954.

Role: Provided Royal Navy aircrew to fly aircraft as the gunners trained in their trade as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) during World War II. When reformed at Dartmouth, NS it took on the task of utility squadron conducting training and various other roles as required.

Aircraft Flown: Fairey Swordfish , Supermarine Walrus , North American Harvard , Avro Anson , DeHavilland Tiger Moth , Grumman Avenger

Home Base: Yarmouth, NS (1943-45) & Dartmouth, NS (1946-54)

Ships Served On: N/A

Colours: N/A

Motto: N/A