Squadron History

881 Squadron
Royal Canadian Navy Anti-Submarine Squadron (1951-52)
Heavier-than-air Search Air Squadron [VS 881] (1952-59)

Formed as the redesignation of 826 Squadron in May 1951, it was renamed VS 881 under the US system of numbering in November 1952. It continued service until it disbanded in July 1959 and amalgamated with VS 880.

Role: Served as one of the RCN's Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) squadrons flying from the carriers.

Aircraft Flown: Grumman Avenger , Grumman Tracker

Home Base: Shearwater, NS (1951-59)

Ships Served On: HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Bonaventure

Colours: White & Blue

Motto: Ense Constanter Alato (Steadfastly With Winged Sword)