Squadron History

922 Squadron
University Naval Training Division - Cadet Flying Unit 1 [CFU 1] (1952-53)
Heavier-than-air Composite Air Squadron [VC 922] (1953-63)

Originally formed as CFU 1 in July 1952 and when permission was granted for additional Naval Reserve air squadrons, it was renamed VC 922 under the US system of numbering in December 1953. It later disbanded in December 1963 when the feasibility of Naval Air Reserve squadrons could no longer be justified.

Role: Originally the unit was formed by the University Naval Training Division with the idea of providing air familiarization training for cadets at Canadian Service College - Royal Roads, as well as other cadets studying at western universities. It then served as one of the RCN's Reserve Training squadrons. Its primary function was the training of Reserve pilots. They often came from other facets of service hoping to become a pilot, civilian-qualified pilots doing military conversion and even ex-service pilots wishing to maintain their proficiency.

Aircraft Flown: North American Harvard , Grumman Avenger , Beechcraft Expeditor

Home Base: Victoria, BC [HMCS Malahat]

Ships Served On: N/A

Colours: Gold & Black

Motto: Indagando Et Percutiendo (By Tracking And Striking)